The America’s Transportation Awards competition recognizes the greatest transportation projects accomplished each year by state Departments of Transportation. From building new bridges and interchanges, to easing congestion and improving safety and metropolitan mobility, these projects instill an appreciation of transportation as a key element of our quality of life.

The competition, co-sponsored by AAA and the U.S. Chamber along with AASHTO, was launched to build support for transportation at the federal, state and local levels. The winners are first selected in four regions and then the top ten vie for two awards: the Grand Prize and the People’s Choice Award. A panel of judges representing all aspects of the transportation industry makes the regional and Grand Prize selections. The awards are submitted in four categories and by project size. The People’s Choice Award is selected by online voting. Both awards carry a $10,000 prize that can be used by the winning state for an education grant in the transportation field, or to support a community project or charity.

In 2009, 33 states submitted 50 entries for consideration. The I-35W Minneapolis Bridge won the Grand Prize. More than 230,000 votes were cast online for the People’s Choice Award, which was won by the 95 Express Miami Project.

On Time

This award recognizes a project that demonstrates specific measurement, process management, and quality assurance methods used to deliver a quality product and demonstrate effective schedule management from conception to completion. This award also demonstrates involvement and interaction with the surrounding community and illustrates the degree to which traffic movement was improved for customers/users.

Under Budget

This award honors a project demonstrating transportation efficiency while promoting economic and fiscal responsibility. The award recognizes a successful project brought under budget that provided the greatest cost savings to the state while offering maximum performance.

Innovative Management

This award celebrates excellence in innovative management techniques and use of technology. The award recognizes new policies or procedures and creative transportation solutions that enhance the effective movement of people, goods and services; increase transportation efficiency and choices; improve safety, accessibility and aid traffic management; and enhance community life.

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