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MN: Highway 169/I-494 Interchange Reconstruction Project

Bloomington, Edina, and Eden Prairie
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Minnesota Department of Transportation cut down on congestion on a busy interchange, ensuring the continued growth of the local and regional economy while getting commuters to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in a reliable manner with its Highway 169/I-494 Interchange Reconstruction Project.The project, which had been deemed too expensive for years, broke ground after MnDOT got creative, requesting federal approval for a change in the proposed design in the interchange, which would cut up to $40 million in project costs. The project was then redesigned, balancing its objectives for the interchange while maximizing a return on investment at a cost of $128 million, significantly under budget. The flexible design resulted in removing stoplights to increase traffic flow, reduce congestion, and improve safety for all drivers.


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  1. Bradley Johnson says:

    As a resident who travels this interchange nearly every day, I can speak to the absolutely huge impact this has had on the quality of life of so many citizens. This interchange was the result of disagreement by local city managers back in its original construction. MNDOT’s leadership in creating a cost effective approach to removing unnecessary controlled intersection signals has given the entire Southwest Metro a benefit. As the gateway to entertainment, recreation, and travel to the middle of the country, this intersection is the nexus of regional and national commerce and recreation travel.

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