CT: Route 25 Resurfacing

CT2013_us25Connecticut DOT saved drivers time and businesses money by completing its $17.5 million Route 25 resurfacing, bridge, and safety improvement project nine full months ahead of schedule. The project, which began in August of 2011, was identified as a two-year assignment. The work was necessary to improve the commute for the large number of vehicles traveling the route to New York City for work and other business every day, as the route serves as a connection to multiple major highways. The hope was for Connecticut DOT to extend the life of the roadway by 30 years by making these updates to multiple bridges, roadway surfaces, and on-off ramps. If the issues were left unaddressed longer, the cost would be much more expensive than what Connecticut DOT had in mind.

The project was completed nine full months ahead of schedule, made possible through extended hours for lane closures, which also kept roadway workers safer (as the hours extension increased the amount of work performed during the daylight hours instead of night).

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