NY: Route 201 Bridge Replacements

NY2013_rt201New York State DOT saved Binghamton University students and their families from detours and congestion by replacing two structurally deficient bridges on busy Route 201 ahead of schedule in Binghamton, a north-south roadway that carries about 54,000 vehicles per day in the college town.  In an effort to minimize traffic delays and other impacts to Binghamton University, NYSDOT accelerated the project using precast bridge elements and contract incentives. The NYSDOT also used a project website to give updates to the public, and – at one point closed the route to all traffic to get the work done faster. Construction began after Binghamton students left for summer break in 2011.

Due to the accelerated schedule and the several steps NYSDOT took to speed up the project, traffic was reopened August 25th, the day before move-in weekend for Binghamton students, well before the Labor Day deadline  — though other improvements were completed in 2012, with no effect on traffic.


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