NY: Taconic State Parkway Armvets Memorial Bridge

NY2013_AMVETSNew York State DOT got thousands of daily commuters back onto a busy bridge a full month ahead of schedule after closing it down for some vital repairs, which resulted in a faster and easier commute.

When the 78-year-old AMVETS Memorial Bridge in Westchester County began to show signs of significant steel deterioration, NYSDOT jumped into action to rehabilitate the 750-foot-long structure. The bridge is a busy one, carrying 6,000 vehicles per hour during rush hour, so NYSDOT created an in-house project team to engage the public regarding the project.

NYSDOT began work on the $26 million job, closing northbound traffic and creating a two-way roadway on the existing southbound corridor with reduced capacity.

The bridge was opened to traffic on October 3rd, a full month ahead of schedule, due largely in part to the close collaboration between stakeholders and NYSDOT’s efforts to keep the public informed.


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