RI: Wickford Junction

RI2013_wickford1Rhode Island DOT found a way to bring together various transportation modes into one facility in a way that increased mobility for the citizens of Kingston.

Rhode Island DOT created a $24.9 million multi-modal transportation hub to include a new platform on a new siding track, a 1,100-car parking garage, a drop-off/pickup area for cars and buses, bike parking, and electric car charging stations… all as part of the first phase of the South County Rail Project… and coming in ahead of schedule and under budget due to the design/build process.

The project delivery system was design-build, which is credited with saving about 21 months and completing the project under budget. The process also resulted in project enhancements, such as the mill building façade on the southern elevation, which was made possible by the cost savings of other alternative technical concepts presented in the technical proposal of the selected design-build team.

The Wickford Junction project is also a true public-private partnership. It combines the visions of both the State of Rhode Island and a private developer for the restoration of train services, which ending in the early 1970s at this location. The primary benefit of the new station is supporting increased mobility of residents of South County Rhode Island. The new station will provide convenient commuter rail service to Providence in 22 minutes and Boston in 77 minutes.

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