OH: U.S. Route 33 Nelsonville Bypass

Ohio Department of Transportation’s $200 million Nelsonville Bypass relieved a major congestion problem for US 33 by constructing a four-lane bypass highway. With other local road improvements, the project reduced travel time through the area by 30 minutes and offered a faster route through southeast Ohio. To protect the natural resources of the nearby national forest, ODOT invested $10 million to protect the forest’s natural habitat with a wildlife bridge and tunnel, wildlife fences, and lighting.

Nelsonville Bypass KR 4

One thought on “OH: U.S. Route 33 Nelsonville Bypass

  1. A long time in coming, the Nelsonville Bi-Pass encorporates the concern for local wildlife as well as the public’s need to travel at speed on a safe, modern highway. Nelsonville continues to thrive and grow, despite the new bipass being in existance. The design of the animal underpasses, and wildlife guards are well worth the national recognition. Join with me in voting for this local highway project! https://americastransportationawards.org/2014-entries/maasto/oh-u-s-route-33-nelson-bypass/

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