CA: US 101 Prunedale Improvement Project

California Department of Transportation’s $225 million US 101 Prunedale Improvement Project connected the community of Prunedale divided by a north-south highway, improving safety conditions and reliving congestion. Over the years, the busy road experienced collisions and fatal accidents. The project built interchanges that separated local traffic from US 101, improving safety for motorists, bicycles, and pedestrians.

2 thoughts on “CA: US 101 Prunedale Improvement Project

  1. As stated above “reliving congestion” is correct. The design for Sala Road essentially bypassing Espinosa Road has wreaked havoc on smaller neighboring roads by increasing their traffic. Give kudos all you like, but Cal Trans and TAMC are not in tune with local populations that live in these areas. The focus caters to the hospitality industry and tourists speeding through to their final destinations.

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