FL: I-595 Corridor

595ZoomedInFlorida Department of Transportation’s $1.22 billion I-595 Corridor Improvements project relieved congestion and created a multimodal transportation network along I-595 in South Florida. Through a public-private partnership, design and construction teams completed the project on time and $275 million less than the originally estimated cost of the project. With express lanes, express bus service, and a bike/pedestrian greenway, the project improves multimodal travel for the region.

15 thoughts on “FL: I-595 Corridor

    1. Good catch John! We updated the photo to show a different angle of the project. The New River Greenway is across the canal from I-595 in this photo. However, the bike/ped path is also along I-595 from the Route 84/7, I-595 interchange, starting at the I-595/95 interchange.

    2. It’s the concrete (white) strip on the right side of the North New River Canal, between the grassy area and the trees

  1. One of the best project I have ever work, excellent team to work with and extraordinary leadership from top to bottom positions. It’s one of the most wonderful experience in my career.

  2. As owner of Bonn-J Contracting Inc. of Fl, it is with great honor that we were a partner in the success of this huge adventure . 1.2 million SF of MSE Retaining Walls throughout the project “connected” roads, bridges, and relationships to made this project a great success

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