OH: Interstate 71 Widening – The Golden Spike

I71Ohio Department of Transportation’s $149 million I-71 Golden Spike project relieved congestion on I-71 in Central Ohio by reconstructing the highway while expanding one lane in each direction.  As a primary freight corridor and connection between Columbus and Cleveland, the improved 25-mile stretch of I-71 reduced travel times between the two cities for both passengers and freight. The project was completed more than $10 million under budget and an estimated three years early, saving taxpayer money and inconvenience to motorists.

2 thoughts on “OH: Interstate 71 Widening – The Golden Spike

  1. Thank you ODOT for your innovation and realization that the I71 Corridor is a major connector for business in Ohio. Morrow County appreciates your aggressive approach in saving the taxpayers money while ensuring a quality output in support of growth and improve access for all. Love Life! Live Rural! Patricia Davies

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