MI: 96Fix

Michigan Department of Transportation’s $153 million 96Fix project in the Detroit metro area rebuilt and enhanced seven miles of freeway, 37 bridges, and improved safety conditions for more than 140,000 motorists that use the highway daily with a new LED freeway lighting system. By using paperless construction, e-permitting, and other technologies to improve efficiency, the project was completed ahead of schedule.

5 thoughts on “MI: 96Fix

  1. 96Fix’s social media presence should win an award too!! Their Facebook page kept us all informed daily of what was closed when, and even better, made us all in the area feel a part of the project. I’ve never experienced this sort of “love” for a construction project. The sense of interactive community the site built was amazing, and you should see the comments of all saying goodbye to 96Fix as it prepares to close down its FB page. I think we were all hoping it would just go on forever. Really, really well done.

  2. MDOT workers dig to great depths to get the job done, to high quality, on schedule, under budget – they rock!

  3. Perfectly stated in the above comments. Traffic on the side streets was unbearable, but the job was very well done and their communication with the public was very much appreciated. I even emailed the project manager via their I96 fix website, and always received a prompt, educated reply. It’s such a pleasure driving this stretch of highway every day now.

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