Rhode Island Department of Transportation—RhodeWorks

To address Rhode Island’s deteriorating roads and bridges throughout the state, RIDOT’s RhodeWorks plan, created in 2016, is an ongoing effort to bring the state’s bridges up to the 90 percent national sufficiency standard by fixing more than 150 structurally deficient bridges and repairing another 500. The legislation also funds massive projects, such as new train stations, improved in-house maintenance capabilities, and a restructuring of the department. In 2016, RIDOT put out $174 million in construction contracts ($60 million more than the previous year), invested $20 million in its maintenance fleet which included adding 40 new maintenance positions, and estimated that 92 percent of its projects are on budget and on time. New accountability measures were added to track RIDOT’s projects, providing the cost, schedule, budget, and completion status. RhodeWorks is and will continue to save taxpayer dollars while upgrading the state’s multimodal transportation system, creating safer and smoother rides for all.RhodeWorks--Rhode Island DOT