Indiana Department of Transportation—New White River Bridge

INDOT’s $11 million New White River Bridge project built a new bridge over the East Fork of the White River on State Road 57 in Greene County. The new bridge is a seven-span continuous composite steel plate girder with an overall length of 1,560 feet and a clear roadway of 32 feet. The project used two breakthrough innovations in technology and management: The Osterberg Cell Load test, a nondestructive test conducted on a test pier; and a Thermal Integrity Profiling test for Drilled Shaft during construction, which was used for the first time in Indiana. The project is a model for how new Geotechnical Engineering procedures and continuous planning, coordination, and communication through construction can produce cost-effective and innovative success. The construction process achieved positive results: the innovative use of Geotechnical Engineering and Testing created a safe, durable road for the public at a substantial cost savings and made a lasting impact on the construction industry.ffde99254c2822296dc3b2e1e7e012a46410e578f2b1b692544a9020aba9e57c.png