Kansas Department of Transportation—K-10 South Lawrence Trafficway East Leg Project

KDOT’s $140 million K-10 South Lawrence Trafficway East Leg is a valuable regional corridor connection allowing travelers to move freely from the Kansas City Metro Area to and from Lawrence and beyond to Topeka. The completed freeway has improved congestion on local roads and balanced the needs of highway users with preservation and expansion of the Baker Wetlands, while providing an estimated $3.7 billion economic benefit for Kansas. The project included construction of a new four-lane, six-mile freeway around the east side of Lawrence, connecting the existing K-10 two-lane West Leg with the four-lane on far east edge of Lawrence. Construction work included 24 bridges, 29.4 highway lane miles, 16.3 miles of local roads, and three new interchanges. Completion of the K-10 SLT represents the final piece in an otherwise efficient transportation system serving the northeast Kansas region, and an important step toward improving safety, reducing congestion and supporting regional industry.Haskell Ave Interchange.jpg