Michigan Department of Transportation—M-1 RAIL Streetcar Project

MDOT played a key role in delivering the $205 million M-1 Rail Streetcar project, one of the most unique, multi-modal transportation projects in the department’s history and the country. MDOT worked with the private non-profit and philanthropic M-1 Rail organization to plan, develop and execute the construction of a new, modern streetcar service in conjunction with an investment to reconstruct nearly three miles of state trunk line arterial, known locally as Woodward Avenue, and its bridges over I-75 and I-94. The project has served as a catalyst for redevelopment of Detroit’s, from downtown to Midtown, spurring an inflow of new residents, rehabilitation of old buildings and construction of new for business and residential use, and has increased MDOT’s capacity as an organization to be a fully engaged partner in other creative P3s that are critical to the rebirth of Detroit.Streetcar Testing on Tiger's Opening Day.jpg