Minnesota Department of Transportation—Interstate 35E MnPASS

MnDOT’s $120 million I-35E MnPASS Express Lanes marked a first-of-a-kind lane approach to having HOT lanes through an interchange commons area to keep traffic moving and increase safety for all motorists. Through the I-35E/I-694 interchange, the northbound MnPASS designation drops for approximately three miles. In the southbound direction, an existing general purpose lane is converted to a MnPASS lane through the commons area. The hybrid concept was introduced to community stakeholders and corridor users for feedback before it was adopted. The low cost/high benefit configuration was a result of a Federal Value Pricing Pilot Program based on the potential to use existing infrastructure more efficiently and facilitated greater transit carpool and vanpool use on the corridor. Now commuters enjoy greater choice in their transportation decisions and have greater control in their trips.MnPASS_I35E_April2017_002.jpg