Ohio Department of Transportation—North Side Fix

ODOT’s $79 million North Side Fix project is part of a larger project to improve I-270 in northern Franklin County. It successfully addressed operational problems on US 23 at the I-270 interchange that were necessary for efficient I-270 operation. Approximately 300,000 vehicles pass through the cloverleaf interchange per day with multiple merging and weaving locations, which substantially impaired traffic flow, safety and reliability. Congestion contributed to more than 1,300 crashes in a two-year period, costing the community in excess of $26 million. The revised US 23 interchange is a partial cloverleaf configuration, allowing for better traffic flow and greater safety. The project also included integrated traffic signals, radar vehicle detection on I-270 and Dynamic Message Signs. In all, safety was enhanced and reliability improved for area drivers._MG_8876.JPG