Arkansas State Highway and Highway Department—Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan

Recognizing the growing needs, the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department in coordination with other state agencies, developed a comprehensive approach to update the state’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan. This $3 million project brought in other stakeholder groups for input, such as local cycling business owners, advocacy groups, metropolitan and non-metropolitan planning organizations, and the AARP. The plan outlines strategies for state agencies and local governments to increase bike and pedestrian activities, a methodology for developing a statewide bike network, and a guide to help local jurisdictions make a local bike/ped plan. Stakeholders also used Wikimap, a crowd-sourcing tool, to get input from the public on their favorite places to walk and ride, which collected more cycling and walking activity data. The project increases the quality of life for residents and boosts tourism.Photo-5.jpg