Kentucky Transportation Cabinet—Ohio River Bridges: Downtown Crossing

The need for improved safety and cross-river mobility between Louisville, Ky., and Southern Indiana was evident for decades. Helping to fill that need is the Louisville – Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project, completed in late 2016. This was one project, but two bridges with Kentucky overseeing work on the roughly $1.3 billion Downtown Crossing. Before the project, access between the two areas was limited on two aging interstate bridges, with little to no shoulder widths. The new Downtown Crossing includes a new I-65 bridge with extensive improvements. In total, more than 50 miles of new roadway and more than 60 overpasses and bridges were built in connection with the Downtown Crossing. The work has delivered dramatic improvements in cross-river mobility, reduced congestion, improved safety and will change the economic landscape of the entire region for decades to come.Downtown Crossing at Night.JPG