Mississippi Department of Transportation—Innovating Mississippi’s Gulf Coast through ITS Technology

Interstate 10 in Jackson County carries an average of 55,000 vehicles per day along Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, connecting heavily populated tourist attractions in Biloxi and Mobile, Ala. Building additional lanes would cost over $500 million. With the state facing transportation funding challenges, MDOT needed to find an alternate way to accommodate such high increases in traffic along the I-10 corridor. To help fix the issue, MDOT began work on a $10 million ITS project along 29 miles of I-10 in Jackson County. The technology provides a modern driving experience using smart boards and speed detectors to keep drivers informed. The ITS system consists of 92 traffic cameras, 40 advisory boards, vehicle motion sensors and nine overhead electronic message boards all connected by fiber-optic cable. Flashing beacons are in place to alert motorists entering I-10 from Highways 609, 57 and 63 to tune to a specific radio station for live traffic updates. Area drivers are now safer and more informed, which assists in traffic flow.ITS on I-10.jpg