Virginia Department of Transportation—Route 50 Traffic Calming through Middleburg

Washington Street in Loudon County, Va., is lined with these original buildings, most with a rich Civil War history and more than 160 on the National Register of Historic Places. But to commuters—almost 9,000 vehicles a day—this main avenue splitting the scenic countryside is Route 50, one of Virginia’s primary corridors reaching east toward the nation’s capital.  VDOT’s $4.8 million traffic-calming project included elements (such as bump-outs, granite curbs, brick crosswalks, and careful landscaping) to help slow drivers down from 50-25 mph and improve access to local businesses. Safely moving vehicles and tourists, shoppers and residents on foot—while preserving an active street life, economy and history—results are a safer community, significantly improved infrastructure, thoughtful details, and long-term benefits for many small businesses.Washington Street at North and South Pendleton Streets- looking at Middleburg United Methodist Church.jpg