Virginia Department of Transportation—U.S. 29-Rio Road Grade-Separated Intersection

The U.S. 29-Rio Road Grade-Separated Intersection project improved safety, reduced congestion and ensured the efficient movement of people and commerce on this major U.S. highway by reconstructing an at-grade, signal-controlled intersection into a grade-separated facility. U.S. 29 through lanes travel under a bridge that carries Rio Road traffic across the highway. Local lanes on U.S. 29 provide access for motorists with destinations along Rio Road. The improvements had to be made almost entirely within the existing right of way, with right-of-way acquisitions limited to temporary construction easements and minimal right-of-way takes to accommodate utilities, turn lanes and retaining walls. Additionally, all lanes on Route 29 and Rio Road had to stay open to traffic between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m., creating another challenge for the project. VDOT overcame all these challenges to deliver the project in December 2016.RioSunset.JPG