Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities—Dalton Highway Reconstruction

Reconstructing the Dalton Highway has been a priority for ADOT&PF for years, as it would improve the only road to Alaska’s North Slope oil fields, which is of critical importance to the economy of the state and the nation. The highway parallels the trans-Alaska pipeline for much of its span and the shallow, braided Sagavanirktok River south of Deadhorse, AK. The project was scheduled to begin in the summer of 2015, but just months before breaking ground, overflow and spring breakup along the Sag River caused massive flooding in the project area. Because of this, ADOT&PF had to manage the flood response while repairing damage done and modifying the project scope. For example, the original grade raise, the department realized in the flooding, would not sufficiently protect the road, so it had to be raised. To keep the project on schedule and accommodate the extra work, ADOT&PF worked around the clock on this project instead of 12-hour days, as originally planned. The project, ultimately costing $45 million (with an additional $15 million for emergency repairs), was completed in September 2016, making this important highway safer and more reliable for travelers.Alaska DOT&PF's Dalton Highway Reconstruction