California Department of Transportation—Caltrans Precast Concrete Roadway Repair Methodology

To deal with its high traffic volumes and more than 50,000 lane miles of highway, Caltrans has had to find innovative ways to deal with freeway repairs. One of those innovative methods is precast concrete roadway repair. Precast pavement slabs are fabricated in plant-controlled conditions and reach full strength before being subjected to traffic loads. They can be installed at a moment’s notice, regardless of weather conditions, and can be driven on immediately. To allow ongoing innovation, the project specifications allow new precast paving methodologies to be posed by contractors and precast fabricators. These panels are more durable and require shorter land closure times, which translates to less worker exposure to traffic and much-improved safety. Caltrans $250 Precast Concrete Roadway Repair Methodology also provides a safer and smoother driving experience for the general public.California DOT's Precast Concrete Roadway Repair Methodology