North Dakota Department of Transportation—Carrington Roundabout

To accommodate large trucks and overweight traffic traveling through the rural community of Carrington, NDDOT constructed the $19.8 million Carrington Roundabout at the intersection of US Highway 281/52. The Highway 52 corridor supports regional, state, national and international economic activity. Before the roundabout, stop signs and a flashing beacon were used for traffic control, though they were proving to not be enough. NDDOT studied best practices from other roundabouts in the state and came up with a unique design that included a larger and flatter apron to accommodate truck traffic and other vehicles so they would not get hung up on the apron. Mountable curb and concrete blisters support wheel over-tracking, and removable signs were installed in case extra space was needed for oversized loads. The end result was a safer, more efficient route for trucks and citizens alike.DCIM100MEDIADJI_0012.JPG