Texas Department of Transportation—Perpetuating Pollinators

Pollinators (such as beetles, butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, etc.) assist in the fertilization of 75 percent of all plants and provide wildlife habitats. In fact, they pollinate one-third of the food we eat, which contributes $24 billion to the U.S. economy. Because of the importance of pollinators and the fact that their numbers are declining, TxDOT partnered with private and public entities to conserve and establish pollinator habitats along the I-35 corridor at safety rest areas and in the right of way. TxDOT and its partners provided funding, plant materials, seeds and volunteers that established and maintain those pollinator habitats. By taking on this $560,000 project, TxDOT is pulling in attention from travelers and getting them to stay and rest a bit longer at those safety rest areas, which ultimately increases safety while providing a beautiful and important resource for a very important part of our food chain.Planting at Rest Area