Caltrans — Interstate 880 Safety and Operational Improvements at 23rd and 29th Avenues

In the Winter of 2018, Caltrans constructed operational and safety improvements on Interstate 880 at the overcrossings of 23rd and 29th avenues, which connect Alameda to Oakland, California. “Jingletown” is adjacent to the Oakland Estuary, which is home to six movable bridges in Alameda. The bridges allow the Jingletown neighborhood to enjoy varied forms of transportation, such as walking, scootering, and bicycling. Caltrans and the Alameda County Transportation Commission partnered to provide multimodal transportation options to the densely populated area. The overcrossings are busy thoroughfare between the city of Oakland and the Jingletown neighborhood in Alameda. The neighborhood is well known for being an arts district, being given the name “Jingletown” from the coins that would jingle in the pockets of the residents when they were paid. This project involved several major construction phases, including: replacing the 29th Avenue freeway overcrossing, constructing the 29th Avenue off-ramp and roundabout, reconstructing the 23rd Avenue overcrossing and off-ramp, constructing a new sound wall, plus the creation of safety improvements to the northbound on- and off-ramps. Signal lights, pedestrian ramps, and a bicycle lane were added to the new 29th Avenue overcrossing as well. Those improvements provided controlled exit routes and helped to managed traffic flow through nearby school zones and residential neighborhoods. The overcrossings are also compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, allowing everyone to use them.