Hawaii Department of Transportation — H-1 Shoulder Work and PCCP Pavement Rehabilitation, Phase 1

Beginning in May 2018, Hawaii DOT embarked on a three-phase, $63.7 million project with goal of helping to improve and rehabilitate two miles of one of the most heavily used highways in Hawaii, going both East and West bound, by installing 1,279 roadway panels. With an average traffic count of over 240,000 drivers a day, it was imperative that this reconstruction retain the structure and integrity of the highway. The roadway panels were made up of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement, which consists of Portland cement concrete and other materials, such as steel, as needed. Phase 2 of the project will widen the shoulder of one mile of the H-1 freeway going East bound between the Waimalu Viaduct and the Aiea Off Ramp, while revamping traffic signals and making other safety upgrades. Phase 3 will include continued installation of panels in three different areas along the highway. Completion of Phase 2 is expected in Spring 2020, while Phase 3 will get started this summer. The newly rehabilitated highway will provide drivers with a more efficient and safer travel experience.