New Mexico Department of Transportation — US 285 MP 1201 to MP 131.5: Cold Insitu Recycling

Severe wear and tear along an existing stretch of roadway on US 285 in New Mexico experienced slowed work commutes and increased traffic congestion. To fix this, the New Mexico Department of Transportation instituted a $6.4 million road-repair project – increasing pavement thickness by milling and adding in an emulsified asphalt, along with a cement additive, to compact and strengthen the structure prior to being overlaid with hot mix asphalt. That treatment can increase the life of asphalt pavement by up to 15 years. Not only does this cost the taxpayer less over time, but it improves the long-term quality of the road. The knowledge and experience gained through the use of the process on the project provides NMDOT with a foundation to continue the use of this innovative treatment for future projects, helping to improve the quality of the roads across the state.