North Dakota Department of Transportation — Intelligent Compaction Project

The North Dakota Department of Transportation used an innovative solution on a project located on Interstate 94 between Crystal Springs and Cleveland, ND. This $11.7 million project consisted of a multi-lift hot mix asphalt overlay on an existing Portland cement concrete pavement prepared for surfacing utilizing break and seat technology. “Intelligent Compaction” or IC refers to the compaction of road materials such as soils, aggregate bases, or asphalt pavement materials using rollers equipped with an integrated measurement system, GPS mapping and optional feedback control. IC rollers communicate in real-time information to the operator to assist with quality control of hot mix asphalt paving construction, better end product – a smoother road and denser asphalts – and kept project cost low. Intelligent compaction rollers are equipped to track real-time data of roller passes, asphalt surface temperatures, and the stiffness of compacted materials. NDDOT used the IC process because of the road density and consistency it produced. Plus, it conformed to what’s called “New Perpetual Pavement Strategy,” which helps to ensure stone matrix asphalt is constructed to the highest level of workmanship to achieve longer service life. This means overall less maintenance to the roadway and reduced costs, while easing disruptions for the traveling public.