North Dakota Department of Transportation — Vision Zero

Motor vehicle incidents are the leading cause of injury-related death in North Dakota. This prompted the North Dakota Department of Transportation – along with North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, the North Dakota Highway Patrol, and the North Dakota Department of Health – to join forces to launch the $4 million Vision Zero in January 2018; committing themselves to the goal of zero motor vehicle incidents and serious injuries. Vision Zero works to establish a culture where motor vehicle fatalities and serious injuries are recognized as preventable and not tolerated. As part of their plan, North Dakota has invested in a number of safety strategies to obtain the goal of zero deaths by using such low cost investments such as the Local Road Safety Program, where the NDDOT works with local agencies to implement low cost improvements to the roadways to enhance safety, some examples include: rumble stripes, wider edge lines on county highways, and enhancing pedestrian safety. Vision Zero has experienced significant momentum across North Dakota, with local media embracing it. North Dakota believes the goal of zero fatalities on their roads is not impossible feat, but know that it will take all motorists to get there, because no other number is acceptable when it comes to our families, friends, and our loved ones.