Washington State Department of Transportation — SR 20/Sharpes Corner Vacinity-Improvements

For residents on Whidbey Island in Washington State, connections to other parts of the state are limited. Ferry routes serve the lower and middle portions, while SR 20 at Deception Pass on the north end is the only road on and off the island. SR 20 and the intersection known as “Sharpes Corner” was only controlled by one traffic signal causing the intersection to frequently experience traffic backups in the summer months, creating long delays and safety challenges for people traveling the highway, and rear end collisions were common. The $13.4 million project constructed a roundabout a Sharpes Corner and the creation of a new bike and walking path to connect to a nearby trail. This helped to significantly reduce traffic in the area and improve the safety of all travelers on the road. The creation and connection of bike paths and trails help provide a variety of options to residents and tourists alike – helping to address the needs of this thriving community.