Arizona Department of Transportation — I-40 Devil Dog to Williams

With repeated weather events causing rapid asphalt deterioration, tire blowouts, and vehicle damage along a major interstate that carries over 18,000 trucks and vehicles a day in Northern Arizona, the Arizona Department of Transportation knew it needed a more-involved repair solution beyond just fixing potholes. The solution encompassed the rebuilding of the highway in both directions, during spring and summer, under an accelerated design and construction schedule. This $34 million project addressed a five-mile segment between Devil Dog to Williams in April 2018, using an innovative approach to preserve the pavement material. Called Portland Cement Concrete Pavement or PCCP, it involved removing and recycling the existing roadway surface by crushing it on-site and adding it into the base for the newly- constructed pavement. The use of PCCP as the road surface should increase pavement life by up to 60 percent, outlasting asphalt overlays by at least 10 years. Opened in October 2018, this section of Interstate 40 now has a longer life, smoother surface, improved reliability, and reduced maintenance costs when compared to $300,000 per year previously spent on pothole repairs. This means a smoother and safer commune for all travelers for years to come.