Arizona Department of Transportation— Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway

Thirty years in the making, the $2 billion Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway was Arizona’s largest-ever single highway project and the first to utilize a public-private partnership. With over 117,000 travelers a day, the Loop 202 Freeway is an important connector for business and commerce in the state. The innovative design features a new way to move traffic that works to reduce crashes. It also features a roundabout loop that allows for better traffic movement. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) worked with the community at various points in the project, setting up public hearings and monthly meetings, while engaging with the public through its social media channels. The result was a design that incorporated a pedestrian bridge, a multi-use biking and walking path, and two additional traffic interchanges to meet the needs of the area. The project has been deemed successful, as ADOT reports a reduction in the amount of traffic congestion on the roadway. Plans are also in the works for commercial and residential developments along the freeway corridor, helping to improve the vitality of this community for years to come.