Arizona Department of Transportation— State Route 347 at Union Pacific Railroad

For travelers on State Route 347 in the City of Maricopa, waiting was the name of the game. This fast-growing community is bisected by tracks for Union Pacific Railroad, with at least 60 cargo trains running every day, which caused headaches for drivers stuck waiting to get to their own destinations. In addition, Amtrak trains also shared the railroad, which often led to traffic wait times of up to an hour each week. The community began to grow frustrated and the Arizona Department of Transportation had to come up with a solution. Working with the Federal Highway Administration and the Ak-Chin tribal community, work began on a $24 million overpass project, which eventually opened in July 2019. The divided overpass, comprised of six lanes, not only carries traffic but also has sidewalks for bicyclists and pedestrians to get over the railroad tracks. Emergency response times have shortened (a huge safety win for the community) and the people can safety get where they need to go by car, bicycle, or walking, improving the quality of life for travelers in the city for years to come.