CA: Dumbarton Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit

San Mateo & Alameda Counties

California Department of Transportation’s $62.3 million Dumbarton Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit project improved safety conditions for the 64,000 cars that utilize the bridge each day while saving $30 million in taxpayer dollars. In earthquake-prone San Francisco/San Jose region, motorists in the south Bay Area can drive safely knowing the Dumbarton Bridge is retrofit to withstand a likely earthquake in the region.The toll crossing over the lower San Francisco Bay is an important bridge utilized by motorists connecting Alameda County and the Silicon Valley. Caltrans acted on seismic studies that showed the Dumbarton Bridge was in need of a retrofit for possible future earthquakes.


5 thoughts on “CA: Dumbarton Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit

  1. Excellent project completion that further enhances the safety of the many travelers using this bridge. In earthquake country of all things. This high quality engineering and workmanship is another example of what mankind can accomplish.. bravo to the entire crew…..

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