California Department of Transportation—California Route 191 Realignment Project: Taming the Curves

The California Department of Transportation’s $29 million State Route 191 Realignment Project improved safety and shortened travel time for motorists on the road to Paradise, a small Northern California foothills community known for its popular gold nugget and Johnny Appleseed festivals. A time-saving and innovative technology deployed for the first time by Caltrans, played an instrumental role in completing construction one year ahead of schedule and under budget. A 1.8-mile windy, steep stretch of roadway plagued by a higher than average rate of crashes, including run-off-the road accidents, was flattened and straightened, and needed extra space was added to the shoulders. The realigned roadway vastly improved safety by straightening the curves and flattening the slopes while preserving an historic watering trough, riparian habitat and nearby Valley Oaks critical to this community’s allure.

4 - SR 191 - old and new alignment