Caltrans – State Route 29 Napa Triple Roundabouts

California Department of Transportation’s State Route (SR) 29 Napa Triple Roundabouts Project improves traffic safety and enhances traffic operations – accommodating pedestrian and bicyclist needs as well. The $9.4 million project constructed three closely spaced roundabouts at critical intersections that provide access from SR 29 to Downtown Napa as well as connectivity over SR 29: a road currently serving about 30,000 vehicles per day. Benefits include improved safety and operational efficiencies, along with enhanced community connectivity for all users, while creating an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive entrance into Downtown Napa. This project constructed bicycle and pedestrian facilities to encourage multi-modal transportation through a combination of sidewalks, shared use paths, and bicycle lanes. The project reduces the carbon emission footprint by reducing vehicle stoppages, which increases idling. Compared to traffic signals, these roundabouts are a low maintenance, safe, and sustainable solution that do not rely upon electricity to power traffic signals. They also reduce the need for traffic signal system maintenance, coordination, and repairs.