Colorado Department of Transportation—I-70 Vail Underpass

The Town of Vail is a premier international resort destination and has seen increasing traffic that caused severe congestion to the two existing I-70 interchanges. To alleviate this, CDOT constructed an underpass connecting the north business and residential community with the south recreational centers. This $30 million solution utilized the existing North and South Frontage Roads to create a new pass-under connection, pulling a significant volume of traffic off the existing interchanges, creating a more reliable transportation network, and preventing the reconstruction of two major interchanges—all benefitting area commuters.

There were several operational benefits realized in addition to the improved operations of the existing interchanges. The Town’s bus system, the largest free transit service in America, was improved with more efficient routes. The emergency response times were improved with better connectivity as there was no need to traverse already crowded interchanges. In addition, the existing trail system was improved by providing a safe means of egress under the interstate in a location with a history of pedestrian fatalities from illegal at-grade crossings of I-70.

1 - Completed Project Aerial