Colorado Department of Transportation—Knowledge Share

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) projects that up to 47 percent of the current staff with its Right of Way Division will retire in the coming years. As each staff member retires, they take their knowledge with them. This results in a loss of institutional knowledge for the department. CDOT officials knew they had to come up with a solution to capture this invaluable resource in order to not only help the staff who come on board after they have left, but to better serve their customers overall. The solution was a $2,000 database that allows for documentation and sharing of staff knowledge. In just under two years, the Knowledge Share has been able to document 25 guides under three large areas of expertise. Those areas include survey, appraisal, and real estate. Through the creation of these guides, every process was audited and modified for new innovations in technology and safety. Customers now have even more confidence in this team’s work, knowing that it will be consistent and updated to CDOT’s highest standards. As a result, projects, roadways, and properties are valued uniformly and are safer.