Connecticut Department of Transportation—I-95, Exit 9 Accelerated Bridge Construction

Originally constructed more than 70 years ago, the two bridge spans that carry Route 1 over I-95 outlived their lifecycles and needed replacing to keep safely accommodating the hundreds of thousands of people traveling across the area daily. Yet due to that high volume of traffic (140,000 vehicles on that segment of I-95 and 17,000 vehicles on the Route 1 bridge), the Connecticut Department of Transportation needed a solution that wouldn’t cause too much of a headache for commuters. The department landed on Accelerated Bridge Construction, which would only require lane reductions on I-95 (down to two in each direction) and some short detours off and on the interstate on two weekends—replacing one span each weekend. This $14.8 million bridge replacement method minimized inconvenience for the community while updating outdated infrastructure, keeping commuters safe for years to come.