Delaware Department of Transportation—Margaret Rose Henry Bridge and Approach Roads

The local road network serving the Wilmington Riverfront frequently suffered from heavy traffic congestion before and after major events, such as festivals and races, due to limited access points. The Delaware Department of Transportation alleviated that traffic congestion and the headaches that came with it while creating more multimodal transportation options for the community via the construction of the $82 million Senator Margaret Rose Henry Bridge. Named in honor of the first African American woman elected to the Delaware State Senate, the new bridge, approach roads, and realigned road network alleviate traffic congestion and improves mobility and circulation for the Riverfront community. The bridge did so by introducing an additional access point to primary arteries such as U.S. Route 13 and Interstate 495. Prior to building the new bridge, residents, employees, and visitors to the Riverfront traveling from the south on U.S. Route 13 had to take a circuitous route to reach the Riverfront district. That extra travel is now no longer necessary because of this project, saving time and reducing traffic on other city streets. In addition, DelDOT incorporated two 12-foot travel lanes, a separated 14-foot-wide bicycle and pedestrian path, and more than 1.5 miles of new and improved roads, sidewalks, and parking into this project. Those additions also transformed the southern end of the Wilmington Riverfront, creating easier access to amenities such as the Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge.