District Department of Transportation—I-295/Malcolm X Avenue Interchange Improvements

The District Department of Transportation increased multimodal options and accessibility with its I-295/Malcolm X Avenue Interchange Improvements projct.

Traffic was increasing on I-295 and local streets in D.C. due to the additional traffic demand caused by the Department of Homeland Security’s new office space, which meant 14,000 more people would be commuting to the area every day. There was limited connectivity for vehicles, and no pedestrian and bicyclist connectivity.

To remedy this, DDOT added 1.3 miles of a shared-use path, which connected the surrounding neighborhoods to adjoining streets and trails and provide improved access to the campus. This new interchange separates traffic bound for JBAB, Malcolm X Avenue and the DHS St. Elizabeths Campus, allowing DHS-bound traffic avoid traffic signals at Malcolm X Avenue and travel directly to the on-site access road. Now, people are free to drive, bike, or walk to their destination in a safer, more efficient way than ever before.