Florida Department of Transportation— Starke Truck Route

U.S. 301 is a vital route for Florida’s trucking industry, carrying 30,000 vehicles every day. An increase in traffic congestion was making it difficult to get drivers where they were going on time. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) needed a solution to address the congestion and get both residents and truckers moving safely. That solution was a $178 million project that constructed a new road to alleviate traffic on the north and south ends of the Starke route along U.S. 301, providing a smoother route for trucks and other vehicles. Since opening in 2019, FDOT has seen a 91 percent reduction in heavy traffic in Starke, allowing traffic to flow and alleviating congestion, getting goods and people where they need to be faster and safer. It also opens up the possibilities for future growth in the region.