Florida Department of Transportation—The Conversion of Florida’s Turnpike Mainline to All-Electronic Tolling

Florida improved efficiency and safety for drivers while also lessening environmental impacts through this $107 million project. Methods of toll collection have evolved, and increased traffic volumes necessitated that automation and additional safety be incorporated into the collection options. With so many customers adopting a transponder, the need for in-lane cash collection has steadily decreased. All-Electronic Tolling allows customers to continue at a constant speed, without stopping at a traditional toll booth. This enables Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise to increase safe and efficient traffic operations while collecting tolls more efficiently. Toll customers now experience improved efficiency, enhanced safety, and more convenience as the project offers seamless travel, thereby increasing safety and minimizing the probability of crashes. Additional benefits include reduced congestion, enhanced travel time reliability, increased capacity, and reduced noise and emissions, lessening harsh environmental factors.