Georgia Department of Transportation—I-75 South Metro Reversible Express Lanes

Traffic flow along I-75 from State Route 155 in Henry County north to State Route 138 in Clayton County had been an issue for those traveling this route for some time, and the number of options available to motorists were slim. To fix this problem, Georgia DOT tackled the first reversible toll lanes in the state, operating northbound toward Atlanta on weekday mornings (and much of the weekends) and southbound in the evening. To ensure the express lanes operated safely, GDOT installed wrong way detection systems, infrared cameras to ensure operators could easily monitor the roadway, and innovative maintenance contracts to incentivize quick repairs of gates or intelligent transportation system devices.

The new $226 million reversible toll lanes offer better traffic flow and more reliable drive times for motorists. It also allows more options for drivers, transit, and registered vanpools, while highlighting attractive transportation infrastructure for businesses. All in all, motorists in the area seemed very receptive to their new commuting option. In fact, motorists logged nearly 300,000 trips within the first two months of tolled operations.