Georgia Department of Transportation— SUPER BOWL LIII: Georgia DOT’s Transportation Playbook A Game Changer

When Atlanta was picked to host Super Bowl LIII in 2019, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) needed to quickly coordinate a plan to accommodate the thousands of visitors coming into town for the big game. The solution was a $1 million “transportation playbook.” Working with the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, the Georgia State Highway Patrol and others, GDOT effectively prepared multiple jurisdictions for the onslaught of visitors. The “playbook” included newly-developed traffic plans that put the focus on pedestrian safety and allowed GDOT and its partners to more effectively coordinate for vehicle traffic. It also included the ability to effectively time the 2,000 intersection signals in the city. The strategic operations of the department saw a 50 percent reduction in travel times leading up to the big game, which allowed for smoother travel experience for everyone on the road, prioritizing the safety and time of fans and residents alike.