Georgia Department of Transportation—Weigh-in-Motion

Georgia’s population has grown substantially in recent years, which in turn has increased the amount of goods coming into the state. Those items in stores and those packages that arrive on doorsteps (normally within just a day or two of ordering) are made possible through efficient freight movement. Since the population has been growing, Georgia DOT devised a new system to more efficiently move freight along the state highways.

The $25.3 million Weigh-in-Motion, or “WIM,” system identifies non-permitted, oversized and overweight commercial vehicle violators at 19 State Motor Carrier Compliance Division, or “MCCD,” enforcement sites in 11 counties across the state. MCCD uses mainline WIM scales as a primary method for prescreening and inspecting trucks for any issues. The system weighs trucks traveling at normal traffic speeds and doesn’t require any stopping (as long as they are compliant with requirements). When a truck passes, the system collects all information, photographs it, creates a vehicle record, and communicates the “sort” decision to a driver in real time. This technology allows freight to move quickly along (as long as they are following the rules) and saves everyone time and money, while also delivering goods to happy customers.