ID: U.S. 95, Sand Creek Byway

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Idaho Transportation Department’s U.S. 95 Sand Creek Byway project was a multimodal project aimed to increase pedestrian traffic in downtown Sandpoint while diverting large trucks out of the town’s center. The completed project is popular among residents and businesses, receiving praise from the local Chamber of Commerce. With the increased pedestrian activity, businesses can thrive in downtown Sandpoint. The project was completed ahead of schedule, saving motorist delays and minimalizing impact to local businesses.The 2.1 mile byway is the largest single construction project undertaken by the Idaho Transportation Department. The goal of the project was to connect the lakeshore, Amtrak station, and downtown business district through a safe and efficient road and pedestrian network. ITD worked to enhance other transportation modes while preserving the aesthetics of the picturesque lakeshore town. The project constructed a new roadway, bike and pedestrian paths, six bridges and retaining walls.

The byway opened to the public in July 2012, nearly four months ahead of schedule.


14 thoughts on “ID: U.S. 95, Sand Creek Byway

  1. I was against the proposed by pass, as I was afraid of how it would look so near to the beach. I was wrong, I love it, it’s the best thing since I moved here 18 years ago, just beautiful. Glad i was wrong. I am seldom this wrong. I brag about it now.

  2. This project removed many native plants and trees in the construction zone, relocated them temporarily, and returned them to the site to preserve the natural setting. The Byway not only solved the traffic noise, congestion, and danger to the pedestrians, it now provides lovely bikeways and walking paths with more public access to the shoreline. Kudos to Idaho Transportation Division.

  3. I live here inn Sandpoint, and the Bypass has been awesome, you can actually enjoy going downtown now and not be afraid of being run over by the big cattle trucks and logging trucks, and the people driving through can actually see what a beautiful place we live in, as the bypass has an awesome view of the lake and sandcreek. Thank you so much for letting this happen, It has been over 50 years since the early planning stages began.

  4. My husband and I own a restaurant downtown and thought the bypass would hurt our business. We are happy to report we had the best summer business in 7 years! The project was down early and is absolutely a wonderful addition to our community. Sandpoint is turning into a “walking town” again!! You have our vote!! Thank you!!

  5. A lot of peoople felt that way th’s part of the reason it took so long to finally get here 🙂 Thanks for making the coment
    I’m a born and raised native of here and I’m lovingn it. we almost have our old town back

  6. I am a lifelong resident of Sandpoint and Hope and like the hometown atmosphere. I thought this Byway would take away from that, but it is beautiful!
    It makes getting around the surrounding area much safer, both in and out of town. It’s appreciated!!

  7. It was 50+ years of discussing and most Sandpointers never thought it would happen. Indeed it did and it is absolutely wonderful. The 45 MPH speed allows us to glimpse the highlights of Sandpoint’s unique setting of mountains, beach and vintage town. I was amazed when I saw that the planners added a red brick to a concrete wall to match the red brick of our historic Railroad station. This took a lot of planning and forethought. We also enjoy the blue lighting of the overpass when we leave town after dark..

  8. I lived in Sandpoint until 1993 and recently came back with my wife to show her where I grew up. We came into town and I was immensely impressed with the changes made and couldn’t believe Sandpoint finaly fixed the biggest bottleneck in the area. Love the changes and hope the towns tourism continues to flourish with the diversion from downtown.

  9. This project makes you proud of the entry into Sandpoint. The “mood” lighting and vegetation is awesome.

  10. After waiting all these years, and not knowing what to expect, it turned out awesome. The view from the bypass is wonderful, and not having all the traffic going through town has made Sandpoint, so much more user friendly again. It’s a wonderful little town. As a born and raised native of Sandpoint, Thank you so much for letting this happen. and I agree with Tapp, ” FANTASTIC”

  11. One of the best parts of Sandpoint is the scenic bikeway and walking path along with the great views of Sandcreak and Lake Pend O’Rielle from the roadway as you drive by the city. Great place to visit.

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