Idaho Transportation Department: Fastlane: Conquering Corridor Challenges

The Idaho Transportation Department made drivers safer and allowed them to get to their destinations easier with its $5 million Fastlane project.

The agency’s project unified stakeholders around a cost-effective strategy to address traffic congestion on US-95 through the fast-growing cities of Coeur d’Alene and Hayden. The project reduced travel times for motorists, improved travel efficiency through better signal timing, and increased safety by incorporating left turning lanes and curbed medians to improve corridor management. Those changes also made US-95 more accessible, with 60 more Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA-compliant ramps established on US-95, with another 33 ADA-compliant ramps installed on nearby adjacent side streets. Additionally, the project reconstructed nearly nine miles of shared use path by repaving and widening it to meet ADA standards.